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Set Up Timescales

Set up Time Scales

“Why lie about the application time? You'll know the truth 3 weeks later!”

Let's ensure there's speed

To reduce the chances of delays please ensure that all the appropriate information within the application is produced to the correct standards. Making sure everything required is together with the application from the start is key to getting going quickly. If any part of the application is not completed or documents aren't correct this stands to delay the process.

The application can take 2 – 4 weeks depending on the type of merchant account required. Each account will be looked at carefully to ensure that it meets the necessary criteria.

Why Choose Us

  • When will I need to pay?

    Dependent on your business there may or may not be a set up fee. But if there is it will need to be paid at the start of the application process, alongside any other additional requirements that are needed to be submitted with the application. Any other charges outlined will be clearly communicated with the acceptance of the application.

  • We care because we are in it with you.

    We take strong pride in completing your application as quickly as possible and to the highest possible standards. So with any updates we get from our banking partners or acquiring banks we aim to update you instantly. Our progress is directly linked to your ability to take payment, so we care because we’re in it with you. That's from the start of the application to end of your processing journey and all throughout your trade with ourselves..

  • I thought the process was 2 - 4 weeks?

    When an application takes longer than expected, more often than not it was down to the application not containing the required documentation or the business did not stay within the required guidelines permitted by the acquiring banks. Do not delay in obtaining the additional documents as this will have adverse effects on your application time. Don't put off tomorrow what you could do today! Try your best complete the application as soon as possible.

Application Process

Week 1 - Application & Review
Week 2 - Approval/Contracts
Week 3 - Account Integration
Week 4 - Activation