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Internet Merchants

We are experiencing ever improving amounts of Web applications both for start up organizations and established organizations moving to e-commerce. It is very important to for us to understand the merchant’s business structure and just how the organization has been financed.

This ought to be covered in a business plan or SIS report/additional comments on the application form. In all occasions we are going to require the following as well as the standard information. Preferably we want to see a website with supporting Terms and Conditions ahead of sanction.

  • The website address or access to a test site
  • If neither of previously mentioned are available then screen prints must be supplied for the homepage, products and service lists available, product or service price range, and hard copy of your Terms and Condtions and General Information.
  • Terms and Conditions which cover shipping and delivery policies and return policy on the site. (Take note that these details are still necessary in the event the application meets low risk criteria)

*Please do not submit any www application unless the site is complete, and either available or accessible via a dummy site*