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"If you are unable to find the information you require then these are the most frequently asked questions"

  • How much does the cost?

    The cost of the solution varies depending on your current status and what you're actually looking for. The price is essentially for the software and terminal & are both in line with the industry standards.

    But the rates you will pay will be dependent on the industry and business model .

  • How do I receive my payments?

    The money will arrive directly into the bank account you have provided in line with your business. Depending on which type of merchant account you'll receive and where you're located in the world there may be a bank transfer fee.

  • When do I receive my payments?

    As standard it's 3-5 working days. But in some cases, depending on your business model and industry it could vary. It usually comes down to what works best for your business versus what the bank will present to balance out any risk. It's quite flexible.

  • What acquiring banks do you use?

    We have a strong network of banks which we use to get your merchant account, but each bank is different so we will partner you with the bank that can assist your needs the best.

  • How do I receive my online payment?

    All payments made are deposited into your merchant account which is then transferred to the bank account that you've provided.

  • How accurate should my description of product and services be?

    Accuracy is key, the more details you have the less you leave the application to chance or misinterpretation by the bank's underwriting team, who in most cases are going for the risk adverse approach.

  • Shall I exaggerate or underestimate turnover estimates?

    All levels of turnover are accepted. Don't stretch your figures. If this is a new business try your best to estimate your turnover the best way you can. The banks will be aware of the fact that you're a new business and you will not yet know what your trading amount will be. Don't say large amounts for the sake of it, this might make you an even higher risk.

  • Can I use a Virtual Terminal or VPOS without a website?

    You would not need a website to take payment using virtual terminal, with any device that has access to the internet and a large enough display screen to login to the online virtual terminal is fine.

  • Can I use my existing merchant account with your gateway only solution

    This is possible as long as the merchant acquiring bank has provided you with a compatible merchant account.

  • My website has a shopping cart, but how do I start trading?

    To start trading online you will need an Internet Merchant Account (IMA). These are easy to arrange and take just a few days to set up – though it will take longer if you decide to do it through your bank. You will also need a PayPage , so you can accept debit and credit card payments securely online.

  • What is a PayPage?

    A PayPage is a specific page on your website (or connected to your site) that enables customers to buy your products or services. On a PayPage the customer enters their card and payment details. The page then authorises these details and processes their transaction. As all of the HRMS/PayGlobal PayPage solutions are fully PCI DSS compliant, you and your customers can be sure that the transactions on your site will run smoothly and securely.

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