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Bank Accounts

UK & Offshore Banking

We have a variety of offshore banking institutions that are willing to offer offshore bank accounts for companies. Please consult with an associate of our banking team to advise you on suitable banking options for your individual needs.

We offer a complete and comprehensive registration service in which HRMS will provide you with ready made UK companies and ready made companies off-shore. Aside from business facilities, including our secretarial services, registered office, etc, we also can offer you a wide selection of company services that will make your life all that much easier. The services for companies offered include everything from VAT registration to the changing of your company’s name and so forth. Not only that but, HRMS offers you credit cards available to you by UK and/or overseas banking institutions. If you happen to have adverse credit, you might want to find out more about our guaranteed bank accounts option available from in the United Kingdom. Our banking partners, currently can offer you these types of banking accounts:

  • Offshore Corporate Bank Accounts
  • UK Corporate Bank Accounts
  • Offshore Personal Bank Accounts
  • UK Personal Bank Accounts

You can also get these types of Credit Cards from HRMS :

  • Offshore Corporate Credit Cards
  • UK Personal Credit Cards
  • Offshore Personal Credit Cards
  • UK Corporate Credit Cards
In addition, if you are in need of a credit card, you may like to know about our UK prepaid credit card that is available. It may also be relevant for our larger corporate clients to be aware of our Offshore Company premium packages.

Incorporation of UK & Offshore Companies

HRMS is your solution to getting your UK and Offshore company incorporated. We will provide registered facilities for offices, secretarial support as well as excellent banking placements in the United Kingdom and overseas. To be incorporated in the United Kingdom there are four types of companies to choose from:

  • Limited Company
  • Companies PLC
  • Companies Limited Liability Partnership
  • Guarantee Companies

With this information in mind it is strongly recommended you also take a close look at our offshore company offering in order to gain information in relation to the details of countries and jurisdictions that we typically incorporate.

We currently offer solutions to be incorporated in these geographical locations:

  • Aruba , South America
  • Belize, South America
  • Bulgaria, Europe
  • Cyprus, Europe
  • British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
  • Delaware, USA
  • Dominica, Caribbean
  • Gibraltar, Europe
  • Guernsey, Europe
  • Hong Kong, Asia
  • Isle of Man, Europe
  • Seychelles, Indian Ocean
  • Nevis, Caribbean
  • Nevada, USA
  • Madeira, Europe
  • Panama, South America