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Anti Fraud Solutions

Security is one of the top concerns with online transactions for both the merchant and the customer. But with online transactions being even more secure than a payment in a shop or over the phone, the introduction of new measures such as cutting edge encryption codes and complicated logarithms has made trading online one of the safest way to take payments.

As standard every one of our Merchant Accounts and Gateways come with the latest industry standard fraud prevention aspects and technology. Helping to assist you to avoid fraud and criminal activity.

You will be informed of any transactions that look suspicious. Early warning signs are given and automatic card blockage systems are in place for untrusted card details. These features will enable you as business to combat fraudulent behaviour straight away.
All anti-fraud solutions support the latest global security checks including Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

What are the benefits of having Fraud Protection?

  • Keeps cost down as it helps to prevent fraud losses
  • You can set your desired level of security
  • Saves you time by double checking your transactions
  • Helps to increase sales by making sure all your transactions are secure and legitimate
  • The security systems are constantly updating to make sure you have the latest systems against the lastest types of fraud

Complex Risk Management

  • Concentrate your time and efforts on prevention of fraudulent transactions
  • State of the art technology to detect customers authenticity using AVS and CVV2
  • Data match in real time to log irregular card usage as an early warning system.
  • Blacklist capabilities for IP addresses which are known for fraud
  • Modelling allows us to review trends and write rules to block transactions
  • Card checks at the point of sale to ensure sufficient funds are available

Financial Reporting

  • See all the live transaction and reporting history instantly
  • State of the art encryption to ensure water tight security
  • Access the reports online and download them into excel or csv file