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3D Secure

  • Step 1

    Customers shop on your site & pay using credit or debit card..

  • Step 2

    Customer enters their information on your website..

  • Step 3

    Customer Authenticates themselves with their bank..

  • Step 4

    Payment is processed and customer receives confirmation.

3D secure

3D secure allows the customer to enter a unique password to verify the card they are using for the online transaction. This is the equivalent of the online pin number which will give the merchant greater confidence that the transaction was made by the right person.

All transactions are authenticated in real time to ensure that it is the correct person using the card. Dependent on our banking partners the transaction could be blocked if the shopper fails to be authenticated.

As standard every one of our Merchant Accounts and Gateways come with the latest industry standard fraud prevention aspects and technology. Helping to assist you to avoid fraud and criminal activity.

The ability to ensure that the shopper has indeed purchased using their card even if they aren’t 3D secure registered, the fact the relevant 3D secure requirement came up will offer a level of protection from the online shopper denying that the transaction went through.


The encryption process used by the our acquiring bank is state of the art and is constantly updated to stay ahead of all new developments. Secure pages can not be intercepted by the third parties due to the 128 Bit SSL used to protect the information that is passed between your computer and the secure payment pages.

Also a number of innovative fail safe guards have been put in place to ensure 24 hour usage with no down time

Transaction Encryption

The encryption used from the online store to the bank ‘s processing infrastructure is enclosed with the bank’s protocols, which is digitally-signed to ensure it’s can’t be hacked by an outside source. Using RSA, MD5 and PGP to ensure that data is received in the most secure way possible.

All processes and technologies involved in payment transactions and data storage is compliant with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) This remains consistent across all our banking partner’s networks which is regularly checked and maintained to ensure there aren’t issues across the network.

The process is always undergoing quality and integrity testing to ensure smooth flawless transactions process across the bank’s processing infrastructure and payment network to ensure that there is a pain free customer experience.